BD-V5 EX seriesHydraulic Die-casting Machine (Multi Injection System)

High-end Die-casting Machine Employing Renovated Control Based on the Proven BD-V SeriesProduct Information

BD-V5 EX series
Accurate injection at will,
from super-low speed to super-high speed.
  • The dedicated EH valve for low speed use has improved stability of injection in the super-low speed range.
  • The compact EH valve has improved speed response.
  • A hydraulic servo valve (option) can be equipped.
    • (1) Improved deceleration stability in the high-speed deceleration function
    • (2) Speed control selection possible in the high-speed range (meter-in, meter-out selection possible)
    • (3) Multi-stage (maximum 5 points) injection possible in the high-speed range
Meter-IN, Meter-OUT(selectable)
Injection unit