CSR Policy

CSR Policy of Toyo Machinery & Metal and its Group Companies
(CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility)

  • ■Basic Principle of CSR of Toyo Machinery & Metal Group
  • Corporate activities cause heavy impacts on the society and the environment. As a company group in the society, Toyo Machinery & Metal Group is fully aware of the necessity to strengthen its effort in implementing CSR activities so that it can contribute to establishing sustainable society and preserving the natural environment. Based on its high spirit in complying with laws and ordinances and its high sense of morality, Toyo Machinery & Metal Group’s CSR policy aims at living up to expectations of the society through various activities in increasing values of the market, the environment, the work place as well as the local community under strong corporate governance.

CSR Policy of Toyo Machinery & Metal Group

  • 1.Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Toyo Machinery & Metal and its group companies, including all their executives and employees, are fully aware that CSR is a vital part of corporate activity and is therefore committed to a course of social responsibility in accordance with this CSR policy for the sustainable development of society and business.
  • 2.Contribution to Society through our Business
  • Toyo Machinery & Metal Group will contribute to the building of a prosperous and vibrant society by providing safe, high quality products and services through business activities based on its excellent research, technology and product development.
  • 3.Disclosure of Information and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Toyo Machinery & Metal Group will disclose information openly and transparently in order to maintain and develop a relationship of trust with its various stakeholders, and act responsibly towards them through various means of communication.
  • 4.Corporate Ethics and Human Rights
  • Toyo Machinery & Metal Group will undertake its business based on the principles of fairness and sincerity, act with the utmost respect for human rights and pursue a high sense of corporate ethics in the global business market which encompasses diverse cultures, morals, ethics, and legal systems.
  • 5.Environmental Conservation
  • Toyo Machinery & Metal Group will strive to minimize environmental impacts and effectively utilize limited resources towards the development of a sustainable society that is in harmony with the environment.
  • 6.Corporate Citizenship Activities
  • Toyo Machinery & Metal Group will promote social contribution activities as a good corporate citizen in order to realize a better society.
  • 7.Working Environment
  • Toyo Machinery & Metal Group will make every effort to create a pleasant and motivating working environment for all its employees and to fully support those employees who desire self-fulfillment and self-development through their work.
  • 8.Responsible Partnership with Business Partners
  • Toyo Machinery & Metal Group will make every effort to promote fair and sound business practices among our business partners by fostering a common awareness of social responsibility.