Securities Report

From the second quarter of FY2008(the 135th term)on, securities reports are linked with the website for browsing of EDINET, Electronic Disclosure for investors'NETwork, related to disclosure documents such as securities report based on Securities and Exchange Act.

>> Click here for details.

  • 1. Click "Document Search" on the top page of EDINET.
  • 2. Enter "Toyo Machinery" in the "Document submitter" box on the "Simple document search" page.
  • 3. Click "Search."

* Above website is provided as administrative services by the Financial Service Agency, and is different from that for the public inspection under Securities and Exchange Act.

June 24, 2015

Securities report for FY2014(the 141th term) >> to EDINET

Jun 25, 2014

Securities report for FY2013(the 140th term) >> to EDINET

Jun 25, 2013

Securities report for FY2012(the 139th term) >> to EDINET

Jun 26, 2012

Securities report for FY2011(the 138th term) >> to EDINET

Jun 23, 2011

Securities report for FY2010(the 137th term) >> to EDINET

Jun 22, 2010

Securities report for FY2009(the 136th term) >> to EDINET

Jun 25, 2009

Securities report for FY2008(the 135th term) >> to EDINET

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