Privacy Policy

Toyo Machinery & Metal Co., Ltd. (Hereafter called “TOYO”) recognizes the importance of personal information it acquired from persons outside the company, and it will handle the information appropriately and protect it according to this policy.

1.Acquisition and use of personal information

TOYO restricts the use of personal information we received on our website to the scope of the purpose of use indicated in our website, or to the scope of the purpose of use mutually agreed upon. Regarding personal information we received in the course of normal corporate activities such as name cards, or personal information we obtained through inquiries and requests for various documents, or applications for seminars, we will use it to send our catalogs,e-mail magazines and so on.

2.Management of personal information

TOYO has established management rules on the handling of personal information and systematically implements them. By strictly observing the rules, we will maintain the security of the personal information presented to us, and we will not disclose the information to any third party except when dictated by the law. Also, in cases where personal information is disclosed to an outside contractor of an entrusted party with whom we have concluded a confidentiality agreement, we will prevent the information from leaking by effective ways such as making the entrusted party to exchange the same confidentiality agreement with its outside contractor.


Please contact the following for inquiries regarding confirmation, correction, deletion, and so on, of personal information. Please note that we may need to fonfirm your identification before we respond.

523-1 Fukusato, Futami-cho, Akashi City, Hyogo
Toyo Machinery & Metal Co., Ltd.