TOYO’s History

TOYO started as a rayon machinery manufacturer in 1925, and after surviving the harsh post-war years it resumed the production of textile machinery.Subsequently, it entered the field of injection molding machines and die-casting machines. At present, we are aiming to realize “CS ICHIBAN,” based on the spirit of “customer satisfaction first and foremost” which has been residing in the heart of each and every employee since its inauguration.

Between the 1920s and the 1940s

May 1925
Spun off from the textile spinning machinery division of Kobe Steel, Ltd., and was re-established as Bouki Seizo Co., Ltd. to start manufacturing textile machinery.
Installed additional textile spinning machines, and established a new company, resulting in brisk orders.
January 1935
Casting facility was opened in Tsuchiyama Factory.
April 1939
Established the Toa-Kinzoku(Eastern Asia Metal) Youth School and a vocational training school.
November 1947
The building of the Youth School was donated to Uosumi Village. Under the new educational system of the government, it became the building for the public middle school.
Production of rayon and stable fiber spinning machines, cutting machines, and other textile machines was in full bloom.
Wedge type rail anchor was subjected to Japanese National Railways standard test, and registered as type B in No.1 additional record of “Turnout Diagrams” enacted by the Japanese National Railways Facilities Bureau in June.
August 1949
Listed on the second section of Osaka Stock Exchange.


July 1959
Debut of “PLASTAR-180DA” Injection Molding Machine developed entirely by Japanese technology.


January 1962
Renamed Toyo Machinery & Metal Co., Ltd.
February 1962
Completion of the first prototype Expandable Polystyrene Molding Machine, the Foam Star V1.
April 1963
Commenced production of Die-casting machines.


November 1970
Became an affiliate of Hitachi, Ltd.
February 1973
Established technical school for more substantial after-sales service.


June 1981
Concluded joint research agreement with Hitachi, Ltd. concerning development of die casting machines and peripheral equipment.
April 1985
Started manufacture of fully electric servomotor-driven Injection Molding Machines Full-fledged exports of injection molding machines to USA started.


April 1990
Constructed new Design & Research building.
April 1993
Purchased freon-free board washing equipment.
July 1997
Acquired ISO 9001 certification.
May 1998
Commenced manufacture of optical disc molding machines developed jointly with Sony.


March 2000
Acquired ISO 14001 certification.
December 2002
Shipped first OEM machine to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.
January 2004
Commenced production of BD-1200V4-T (die clamping force: 12,000 kN) large die casting machines.
September 2005
Listed on the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
November 2006
Announced environmentally-friendly Die Casting Machine.
March 2007
Commenced production of Si-IV series fully electric Injection Molding Machines with greater environmentally friendliness.
June 2007
EstablishedTOYO MACHINERY (CHANGSHU) CO., LTD. as an overseas production facility.
February 2008
Commenced production of Si-850IV (die clamping force: 8,330 kN) large fully electric injection molding machines.
May 2008
Commenced production of Ds series environmentally-friendly fully electric Die Casting Machines.