Environmental Policy

With the motto of "developing and producing machines friendly to both people and the environment", and with profound recognition of being a member of the society, we are committed to acting with due consideration to the global and regional environments in every aspect of our business activities such as locating our production sites and conducting business in harmony with the environment. We put together our organization to tirelessly work on Sustainable Dvelopment Goals or SDGs, which are common goals of the global society.

Basic Policies

  • We, across our organization, conduct our business activities in harmony with the environment, paying due consideration to the environment in developing, designing, manufacturing, selling, after-sales-servicing environmentally-friendly Injection Molding Machines, Die-casting Machines and their ancillary equipment.
  • 1.With respect to our business activities, products and services, we always recognize the environmental impact of a given application range, precisely assess its influence on the environment, facilitate preventive measures against environmental pollution, establish an environment management organization, promote environment preservation initiatives and make continuous improvements to our environmental management system.
  • 2.With respect to our business activities, products and services, we establish and control in-house standards within a feasible range in terms of technology and economy so as to ensure compliance to relevant environmental laws and regulations, agreements into which our company enter, and any other such requirement.
  • 3.With respect to our business activities, products and services, we periodically evaluate any significant environmental impact and prepare environmental objectives and goals based on assessment of environmental load. These objectives and goals are also periodically reviewed.
  • 4.With respect to our business activities, products and services, we place priority on the following particulars for minimizing significant environmental load:
    • (1) Providing products complied with our environmental CSR.
      • (a) Cutting down on CO2 gas through the entire lifetime of our products
      • (b) Promotion of green procurement
      • (c) Development of green technologies in injection molding and die-casting
    • (2)Production activities in consideration of environmental CSR
      • (a) Promote energy conservation for the prevention of global warming as measures to deal with climate change
          *Introduction of energy-saving production equipment (electricity, oil and natural gas)
          *Optimal use of air conditioning and lighting
          *Striving to reduce emission of chlorofluorocarbon and other greenhouse gases through appropriate control
      • (b) Promote reducing industrial waste for more effective use of natural resources
          *Promoting waste separation so as to reduce waste generation and to facilitate recycling
      • (c)Promote intensive controls of chemical substances and reduce consumption of them.
          *Reducing consumption of paint and thinners
    • (3)Put efforts into preventing water pollution in consideration of the location of our factory which is adjacent to the Seto Inland Sea, and promote greening for greater harmony in the local community.
  • 5.We separately document environmental policies and ensure that all divisions including related companies located on our premises and all personnel including subcontractors' employees working in our facility are familiar with those policies for environmental awareness-raising.
  • 6.If requested by outside organizations or the general public, documents of our environmental policies are disclosed.

October 1, 2021

Toyo Machinery & Metal Co., Ltd.
Yoshiaki Tabata , President & CEO