Die-Casting machine Peripheral Equipment


TOYO's original high cycle peripheral system that promotes factory automation.

Automatic Ladler KD-M5 series

  • With link and full-bearing structure adopted to the driving unit,
    the automatic ladle can be operated smoothly with a minimum secular change.
  • Automatic Ladler KD-M5 series

Automatic diluter for AD-35

  • Original spray solution (water-soluble die releasing agent) is automatically diluted to the preset number of times,
    pressurized, and fed to the automatic spraying device.
  • Automatic diluter for AD-35

Automatic Spray SD2-M5 series

  • Spray control devices is integrated into a dedicated valve box. Easy maintenance and adjustment.
  • Automatic Spray SD2-M5 series

Vacuum unit VCSU-15

  • The Vacuum unit used for TOYO's original vacuum casting (VCS method).
  • Vacuum unit VCSU-15

Automatic Extractor TD5L-M5 series

  • Smooth and high cycle operation by adoption of a dedicated inverter and link mechanism for drive arm.
  • Automatic Extractor TD5L-M5 series

Squeeze unit for SQ series

  • Compact hydraulic unit for Squeeze control with higher precision.
  • Squeeze unit for SQ series