~Nitrogen Gas Supply Control System~


Reduction of Oxygen-affected Molding Defects

Built-in to the Machine for Space Saving

N2Seal‘s features

  • ■Space saving by building the industry‘s smallest class PSA type nitrogen gas generator
    in the molding machine
  • ■Supply of 99.9% or higher purity nitrogen gas by adoption of high-performance absorbent
  • ■Improved nitrogen gas replacement efficiency in the cylinder owing to special nitrogen gas
    injection plate
  • ■Nitrogen gas discharge/stop control and monitoring of oxygen gas concentration and
    nitrogen gas flow rate from the screen of the molding machine

Expected effects

  • Suppressing yellowing of products by oxidation of plastic material
  • Reduction of black spots by suppressing burning of and carbide adhesion to the screw
  • Suppressing moisture absorption of resin
  • Reduction of mold stains by suppressing gas generation from resin

Examples of effects

Changes in resin burning

  • ・To observe changes in resin burning, we put resins on the plate into the heated furnace for certain hours, and found that resin burning can be greatly suppressed in the nitrogen gas atmosphere.

Reduced carbide adhesion to the screw

  • ・N2Seal reduces carbide adhezion to the screw ahead of its compression zone.
  • ・Reduction of carbide adhesion can lengthen maintenance cycles of the screw and shorten the screw cleaning time.

Reduced defect rate due to black spots

  • ・Black spots mixed into the products can be reduced.