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New Year’s Greetings


= TOYO Counted on by Customers=

As a leading manufacturer of the Plastics Injection Molding Machines and the Die-casting Machines, we are determined to make all-out efforts to contribute to customers with our cutting-edge technologies.

Kazunori Sogame , President

Happy New Year!


At the start of the new year, I would like to express my hearty appreciation for your continued supports and patronage rendered to us last year.

We had been concerned about protectionism of the U.S. government and the geopolitical risk surrounding North Korea at the start of 2018, but it was generally a booming year for us owing to the brisk demands from automotive and daily necessity industries and IT electronics industry in China as well, backed by moderate recovery of the world economy. But we are now concerned about the future as we see the deepened trade conflict between the U.S. and China started to affect our business in China.

When we reflect on our business in the past year, we caused great inconvenience to the customers due to heavily prolonged delivery time by short supply of essential components. But now, the delivery time has started to be gradually shortened as a result of our hard efforts to diversify the procurement channels of the key parts and find alternative parts.

In addition, we saw many natural disasters hit across Japan, such as devastating earthquakes in the northern island of Hokkaido and strong typhoons landed on the western parts of Japan. Particularly, two typhoons submerged some of our machines waiting for shipment at Kobe port, resulting in terrible delay of machine delivery to the customer. I would like to apologize the affected customers and distributers again for the delayed delivery.

Regarding our products, we have completed lining-up of the Si-6S series electric servomotor-driven Plastics Injection Molding Machines, from 50-ton to 950-ton models. These models are equipped with the latest controller SYSTEM800 with enhanced operator friendliness. We showed the control technology at CHINAPLAS 2018 in Shanghai, China and 2018 NAGOYA-PLATEN in Nagoya, Japan.

At 2018 JAPAN DIE CASTING CONGRESS & EXPOSITION, we exhibited a BD-650V6 EX Die-casting Machine showing our machine range is not limited to small models, for which Toyo has been well known. We also introduced our IoT-related items such as T-Remote Web and T-station lite, which allow you to access the machines running at your factory at any time and wherever you are.

As marketing efforts in the global arena, we participated in various exhibitions: NPE2018 (Florida, U.S.A.), PLAST 2018 (Milan, Italy), CHINA DIECASTING 2018 (Shanghai, China), FAKUMA 2018 (Friedrichshafen, Germany) and more.

As new Emperor is enthroned in Japan this year, we wish for a good year of continued business recovery. However, an array of uncertainty lies ahead: protectionism of the U.S. government, geopolitical issues involving North Korea and Middle East, political turmoil in Europe, and so on. In addition, ocean micro-plastic problems and chronic labor shortage may affect our market. However, we can find some bright topics prospective to boost economy, such as technological innovation based on the trend expressed with “CASE” (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric) in the auto industry, 5G communication system and development of emerging countries. We would like to offer our unique technologies to the customers in such prospective fields.

To realize above-stated promises, we will steadily procced with our new mid-term management plan “TOYO-G-Plan 2020”: strengthening global business, and enhancing technical capabilities, cost competitiveness and production capacity. In addition, we will maximize our corporate value with SDGs or sustainable development goals in mind.

As a specialist of Plastics Injection Molding Machines and Die-casting Machines, we have set our mind to keep on contributing to customers with our own technologies. We would highly appreciate and expect your continued supports for this year.

We wish you happiness and prosperity for the New Year.

TOYO Achieves Accumulative Shipments of 10,000 Die-casting Machines
TOYO Achieves Accumulative Shipments of 10,000 Die-casting Machines